Saturday, 2 January 2010

Stormy Night Sky


  1. Wuhoo!! I am so glad that you joined CDPB so that I know of your wonderful blog. Yea in Victoria, just in from Seymour and up for the devastated Kinglake.

    Do pleased to meet you, Vicki. Welcome to the CDPB community. I am adding you to my side-bar.

    I would love you to write more for each photo, if you would consider it.

    Welcome, welcome, welcome.

  2. Hah! Just had a squizz through your novelist site. Very impressive. I will come back again. Five thousand books ... golly. If you are 50, that is about 2 books a week over your lifetime. Staggering ... but obviously worthwhile on many levels. I am older than you and just starting out. Read all the how-to books and read voraciously.

    I will come back for more. So good to find you.

  3. Hi Julie. Lovely to meet you and so delighted to get your comment.

    I'm actually having a hell of time activating and accessing my CDP account and, just a couple of minutes ago, emailed another member (Anne) to see if she could help me. I was actually going to delete the CDP membership, but your comment may have changed my mind. :) Thanks, again.

  4. Hi again Julie. Our paths must have crossed -- I was replying to your comment at the same time as you were posting.

    I'm 47 and, yes, an avid reader. When you say you're just starting out, are you talking about writing?

  5. my email is with the obvious substitution.

    I have taken photos seriously for maybe two years. I was more talking about writing. Like I can write. This happened. Then they did this. Then they went home. The Sydney Eye chat is not really writing - except for this week where I am trying a set piece for each image. That is what goes over to my new blog, Riff, as from tomorrow and Sydney Eye will go back to documentary writing.

    Now onto the hassles with the portal. What exactly is the problem? Obviously, you are up there because that is where I noticed you, in the list of recent additions.

    Speak to me ...

  6. Awesome, scary and beautiful!

    I see that you've been blogging for quite some time, but I'd like to welcome you to the CDP community! Your world is so different from mine — Metro Manila is a mega city — and find it fascinating. I love CDP because of that and I hope you enjoy yourself there! :)

  7. Thank you for the warm welcome, Hilda.

    I love my world -- this blog is my small way of sharing it.