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The light at the end of tunnel...


The Cheviot Station, just 3.4 miles (5.5km) west of the tunnel, was built to load sawn timber harvested from the Murrindindi Forest, some 14 miles (23km) away, and transported to the station by horse-drawn wagons. Cheviot Station opened with the rail line in 1889.

The first 3’ (0.9m) gauge timber tramway opened in 1901 and led to a terminus some 5 miles (8km) from the Station. It was extended to the Station in 1905. A second tramline commenced operation in 1925. Both tramways stopped operation in 1937 when the horse-drawn wagons were replaced by trucks.

Two six-ton derrick cranes were installed at the station yards in the 1920’s to handle the large volume of timber transported. Foran (1889-1890), Vinning (1892-1906), Wightman (1893-1901), and McKenzie (1899-1901) were the major milling companies that operated in the early years. The timber industry around Yea peaked between 1907 -1915 just as the Great War saw many men enlist. This was followed by another boom period between 1923 – 1930 before the Depression caused production to reduce greatly and demand for timber fell.


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