Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Australia Day Special: Echidna Suckling Her Puggle

It’s very rare to see an echidna feeding her puggle (baby) in the open, so it was a wonderful surprise to discover this happening in our compost heap on Sunday:


  1. aaaw.. how beautiful! you are lucky.
    the echidna is such a cute thing. i have been giving away 5 cent pieces to some of my friends in Europe. :)

  2. What a fascinating animal! Thanks for providing the link for more info. Never heard of them before.

  3. I'm super jealous. I've been trying to get an echinda for my blog but the few times I've seen them on our drives by the time the car stops and backs up they have gone. They move a lot fast than you'd think on those little legs.

  4. Nikki, what a brilliant idea sending 5-cent pieces to overseas friends. :)

    Chuck, I’m thrilled you find our wildlife fascinating. Australia is home to many unique and wondrous animals.

    Joan Elizabeth, they can certainly move fast when they want to. I often find one wandering along the veranda. This photo was snapped in our garden: Echidna 25-11-2009

  5. Great pictures. You are so lucky being able to take these.

  6. Unbelievably lucky, Bill. I give thanks each day that I live in such a great country.

  7. when I was a kid growing up in the hunter valley (sorry about the ee cummings look but the caps key is stuck!) my dog used to go bonkers trying to roll echidnae over to get at the soft underbelly.

    another new word for me ... goodo.

  8. I hope your dog didn't succeed!

    Goodo is a word I haven't heard in yonks – another word from that era.

  9. Oh how exciting to come upon this gorgeous pair! I'm thrilled to have found your photos... thanks for putting the link on to your later post, I hadn't seen this one.
    Isn't Mummy Echidna clever to choose your compost heap too - all nice and cosy warm at night :D)

    1. Hi Susan
      Just have to be careful when digging in the compost heap.