Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Native Mistletoe

Friend or foe: Misunderstood mistletoe


  1. I grew up on a small mixed farm not far from the hamlet of Denman in the Upper Hunter Valley of NSW. We suffered from three blights: rabbits, prickly pear and mistletoe. All three had to be eradicated by edict of the Pastures Protection Board.

    That ABC story is an eye-opener. I thought MT would tip a tree over the balance line and it would eventually die.

    It is very beautiful when photographed like that.

  2. I had no idea they had such lovely flowers (beautifully photographed). Interesting article ... haven't thought that much about mistletoe to have a position on it.

  3. Thanks Julie and Joan Elizabeth.

    We go through stages here where the rabbits reach pest proportion, then calicivirus or something similiar infects them. I have a photo of a rabbit sitting on the concrete outside the back door, which I'll post one day.

    No prickly pear here, thank goodness.

  4. When we were kids, the three of us would catch rabbits for Mum to roast as meat was very expensive and our pudding bowl but shallow.

    Ross & I would dig away the opening to selected burrow and make the soil very sandy and crumbly. Then Barry would set the trap and camouflage it with the sand. He was the oldest and had been entrusted with that responsibility. I can see his hand now flicking any lumps away from the open blades with eucalypt twigs. Like defusing a bomb ...

  5. The other thing that I wanted to say was that I, too, thought my old avatar was "arty" and reflects the me inside. But most people want blogs light and fluffy with not much text and arty-farty nonsense.

  6. Like defusing a bomb is right, Julie! Lethal, evil traps.

    And why oh why did you change your avatar if it reflected the inner you? I like “chiselled voice” better, too. Much more arty-farty. To thine self be true…

  7. Maybe because, as with many people, there are a couple of "mes" that inhabit this one being. The old avatar was a self-portrait taken on timer, no one else involved. The new avatar was taken by another person and there were people on both sides of me. I guess I change my avatar and the taglines annually. I am just surprised that this time people are commenting on it. And have been for a week, not just today.