Friday, 19 February 2010

Criterion Hotel (Est. 1856), Rushworth VIC

I didn’t have much luck finding information on this hotel. It’s mentioned in Rushworth - Places to See, but that’s about it.

UPDATE: Thanks to Julie for this link to the National Trust.


  1. Nice photo and the pub looks to be in great condition.

  2. A stately building! Good capture.

  3. That Julie is a sleuth isn't she ... it looks very substantial for its age.

  4. She sure is.

    I'm a bit of a cyber sleuth myself, but I ran out of time. That's my excuse anyway. :)

  5. I must agree that there was not much out there, and there should be. Anything on the National Heritage Register deserves to have its own site, done either by the current owners or the Historical Society in the area. And especially between Bendig and Ballarat, for heavens sake.

    Besides, I wanna see inside. I bed the staircase is to die for!