Wednesday, 4 September 2019

Apsley Falls, Oxley Wild Rivers National Park NSW

On our travels, we stopped over at the Apsley Falls campground. Picturesque with impressive views of the river gorge. Well worth a visit if you're ever driving the Oxley Highway between Walcha and Wauchope.

The first night we were there, we had a nocturnal visitor. This old possum spooked us to start with when he tipped the grilling tray out of the camp stove (we suspect to get to the toast crumbs).

An Australian magpie (and his mates) came to check us out.



  1. Its a most beautiful gorge with those imposing rock walls and clinging vegetation. I can imagine how even more dramatic it must be when water is flowing.
    What a cheeky little possum!
    Love the up close and personal angle of the Magpie shot.
    Great photos :D) xx

    1. Thanks, Sue. I never think photos do the majesty of landscapes like this any justice.

      That little possum (and the magpie) is obviously very used to people. S/he was very old, too.

  2. Lovely to see a post from you. We have never travelled that road. We find all of the roads over the Great Divide are irritating how we have a larger caravan.

    1. I have to confess we are very slack posting on the blog. I don't spend much time in front of the computer these days.

      Yes, a larger/heavier caravan would struggle over some of the steep inclines crossing the Great Divide. Spectacular scenery, though.