Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Spring Babies October 2016

Blackbird decided that this spot between my ladder and the shed storage cupboard was a safe spot . It was, and two babies fledged this week before I snapped a shot.

This is the first time we have spied a Magpie Larks nest. We were surprised as it was less than 10 metres away from our wild "pet" Magpies nest. This shot is taken at 1450mm (35mm epquiv) zoom on my Nikon Coolpix P610. The nest was about 18 metres up near the top of a river red gum. They all successfully fledged.

The carport is going to need a thorough clean in a couple of days when these little cutie Welcome Swallows fledge. It is dark in this corner and very difficult to get a good shot without adding light which I did not want to do. Every time I have tried to get a pic they pop down out of sight but are now too big to that so I was lucky and with a high ISO was able to get this lovely portrait.


  1. We have had a lot of babies this spring Sue. The swallows babies are roosting over night on the nest still.

  2. There are always lots of birds around us but I never see nests or babies. Maybe I don't know where to look. I love your bird shots.

    1. Happy New Year, Joan. And thank you for popping in to say hello. We were most remiss last year with our blogging.