Tuesday 19 February 2019

Nesting Australian Native Crested Pigeon

We have a pair of Crested Pigeons that nest around the property, though usually in a more dense tree than this. Australian Birdlife refer to the nest as delicate, but that's putting it politely. Their nests are more a mess of a few twigs that takes them a short time to construct. Both parents share the incubation -- we often hear the bird on the nest calling for his/her mate to change over. Because there is always a bird on the nest, they don't suffer the egg predation other birds do. Though I'm sure they only breed to feed the local raptors. :(


  1. I am always impressed with photos of birds nests ... so very impressed with your shot.

    1. Thanks, Joan. S/he tolerated us being there, but they are such ballsy birds. They take on magpies no problem... but it's all bluff. The magpies could cause them serious injury if they weren't so intimidated by their raised wing. :-)