Tuesday, 8 January 2019

Yellow-faced Honeyeater Nest

Just after Christmas, we discovered a nest with three Yellow-faced Honeyeater nestlings in the Chilean guava tree in our fruit tree ‘cage.’ Hidden deep in the foliage, the nest is suspended with spiderweb and various threads between two branches. We didn’t want to disturb them, so waited until they had fledged before taking photos.


  1. How exciting so find a birds nest. They are such wonderful creations.

    I saw a book in a bookshop that had photos of birds nests and didn't buy it and have regretted not doing so because I have never seen it since.

    1. Oh, wow, if you ever do see the book again, can you please take a note of the name and author.

      Thanks for the visit, Joan!

  2. The nest is truly a work of art! So exciting to have that experience so close to home :D) xx